Degassing Agent

Rusal Degassing Agent

Degassing Agent

Degassing Agent

The Degassing Agent uniformly enters the lower layer of the aluminum liquid by the powder spray over the refining tank under the action of the carrier gas (N or Ar), and forms a myriad of small bubbles in the aluminum liquid through physical and chemical changes to fully contact the aluminum liquid, and separates the aluminum liquid. [H] and other harmful gases.
At the same time, some substances contained in the refining agent can strongly adsorb and melt the oxides and suspended solids in the melt and attach them to the bubbles together, and bring them to the surface of the aluminum liquid as the bubbles rise, thereby achieving the purpose of degassing and removing slag.

AdTech focus on R&D Degassing Agent, in the production and sale of metal liquid degassing and slagging refining agents used in aluminum alloy casting processes, using unique technology to enhance the traditional degassing and slag removal effect in molten metal, application In the casting and rolling process of multi-series aluminum alloy products
: Micron-grade aluminum foil wool, printing PS board base, can material, elastic packaging materials, rail transit, aerospace products, cable conductors, etc.

The Degassing Agent Main Advantages
1. Since this product does not contain sodium, it avoids or reduces the occurrence of white spots on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy.
2, good heat, slag aluminum is separated, and decomposes the alumina in the slag, making the aluminum slag dry and loose, easy to remove.
3. After treatment, the purity of the aluminum liquid is greatly improved, the performance of the alloy is improved, and the aluminum consumption is reduced.
4. Reduce the adhesion of slag to the furnace wall and the bottom of the furnace, avoid damage to the furnace body, extend the service life of the aluminum body and reduce the number of furnace cleaning.

Degassing AgentRusal Degassing Agent

Degassing Agent Instructions
1, the amount of this refining agent is about 0.3% (depending on the situation to determine the amount).
2. When using, pour the product into a special container, externally connect argon or dry nitrogen, blow into the aluminum liquid by pressure, repeat stirring evenly, stop the reaction, let stand for a period of time and then cast.
3. The cast aluminum refining agent is sprinkled on the liquid surface, and is quickly pressed into the aluminum liquid. After being fully stirred, it is allowed to stand and slag; if it is sprayed, the effect of injecting the refining agent into the aluminum liquid with an inert gas is better.
4, the cast aluminum refining agent is pressed into the bottom of the aluminum liquid, at this time due to the reaction released a lot of heat, so that the aluminum liquid quickly heats up red.

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