Graphite Cone

About This Project

AdTech Metallurgical Material Co,.Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in production graphite cone. AdTech has devoted to research and development control flow series products used to control the flow velocity of molten aluminum since 2012, such as: flow control bar, flow tube, float plate, tap out cone, graphite cone, impurity separation ring and other products. These products always use cooperatively to steady the parameter and easily to control the flow of molten metal in casting. Our control flow series products have been widely approved by the market.

AdTech’s graphite cone is made of high purity graphite material. It is manufactured by CNC equipment. Its density is distributed evenly, with a wire ring penetrate, easy to install and use, non-stick non-slagging. It is used for controlling and blocking the molten aluminum in the box.

Graphite Cone Graphite Stopper


  • Graphite Cone
  • Screw

Graphite Plugging

Items Length Shape Package Special Package
Tap out cone 20-400mm Cone shape / cylinder / open shape 50-100pcs/box As required
Flow Control series
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