Deslagging Flux

About This Project

AdTech is dedicated to research and development, production and market of deslagging flux for separating high temperature slag in molten metal during aluminum alloy casting process. AdTech’s deslagging flux utilizes unique technology to enhance the traditional deslagging effect, and this technology applies to the casting process of multi-series aluminum alloy products, such as micron-sized aluminum foil raw material, PS baseboard for printing, canning material, elastic packaging material, railway transportation, aerospace products, cable & wire and other casting aluminum purifying.


Assembles of Deslagging Flux Facilities:

  • Deslagging Flux
  • Deslagging Jar

Applications of Deslagging Flux:
AdTech’s deslagging flux is white with slightly gray powdery fine particles. Main ingredients arechloride and villiaumite, together with other compounds. After appropriate heat treatment and screening, it turns to uniform size. Spray it with gas from deslagging jar as carrier, sprinkling it directly to the surface of molten metal manually is permitted. Stir molten metal with deslagging flux to achieve deslagging purpose. Both environmentally friendly and economically, AdTech’s deslagging flux help to meet the requirement of high value-added & high-tech performance aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloy precise casting production, such as computer hard drive, micron-sized aluminum foil raw material, PS baseboard for printing, canning materials, fan blades for turbojet engine, etc.

Advantages for Deslagging Flux

  1. AdTech’s deslagging flux uses molten metal compounding combination principle researching, developing and configuring product, reducing smoke, depressing burning wastage, which protects the environment economically.
  2. AdTech’s deslagging flux is with moderate melting point, good flow ability, little dosage for molten metal(1.0-2.0kg/ton).
  3. AdTech’s deslagging flux separates aluminum and slag effectively, decrease carrying over molten aluminum when slagging-off.

Efficiency of refining flux using in 6063 alloy

Standard deslagging flux type

Type Function Scope of Application Dosage per ton Refining temperature
622DF Na free type, inclusion separating & deslagging Molten casting metal deslagging & purifying, especially suitable for A356.2 alloy and hub casting, making no effect to strontium modifying. 1.0-2.0kg 720- 740℃
633DF Multifunctional deslagging flux, inclusion separating and deslagging Molten casting metal covering in furnace, aluminum and slag separating, furnace cleaning & purifying. 1.0-2.0kg 720- 740℃

Packing Specifications

Item Internal Packaging Carton Packaging Pallet Packaging Special Packaging Storage & Guarantee
Index 2-5kg/bag 25kg/carton 1Ton/pallet As per requirement Stored in ventilated and dry environment, 6 to 12 months



  1. The dosage is according to the amount of molten aluminum. Before slagging-off, sprinkle required deslagging flux evenly onto the slag, slightly pat, stirred by electric or manual is permitted. Thus, deslagging flux and slag are fully mixed to have physical and chemical reaction, floating slag becomes incompact and dry, decreasing molten aluminum brought amount, reducing loss.
  2. Recommended dosage for Na free deslagging flux is 1.0-2.0kg per ton aluminum, and multifunctional deslagging flux with 1.0-2.0kg per ton aluminum.


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