About us

Company Introduction

AdTech Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2012, and its Chinese factory started production at the end of 2013. It is an international enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of online degassing filtration equipment, ceramic foam  filters, hot top casting accessories, casting nozzle plates(Caster tips), repair coating materials, and flux. The Chinese factory has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SGS certification. At present, AdTech’s Chinese factory has more than 200 employees, including 18 senior and above professionals. It currently covers all equipment, filtration, and high-temperature materials required by the aluminum alloy casting industry, fully meeting the various order requirements of customers.

AdTech Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd has strong technical strength and management system, produces high-temperature filtration and purification materials and provides related services. AdTech is located in Wen County, China, covering an area of ​​more than 20 acres and has 20,000 square meters of factory buildings and warehouses. AdTech serves customers in dozens of countries and regions including China (Aluminum Corporation of China, Zhongwang China, Weiqiao, Midas), the Middle East (Aluminum Bahrain, Dubai Aluminum, Midal Cables), Southeast Asia (Press Metal, GVA, Jindal,) and Europe (Hydro, Rusal). It has established long-term cooperative relationships with many world-renowned companies and is a global supplier and solution provider of high-end online degassing devices and high-temperature filtration and purification materials. Its service scope covers the high-precision aluminum casting industry.

AdTech Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. has a very wide range of product applications, mainly used in civil fields such as electronic products, furniture, solar energy equipment, construction and industrial fields such as automobiles and high-speed rail casting alloys, as well as aviation and military fields, and is widely used in non-ferrous metal metallurgical casting industries such as steel, copper, and magnesium.

AdTech has an annual production capacity of 400,000 foam ceramic filters, 1 million sets of hot top casting materials, 150 high-precision degassing and filtration equipment, 5,000 sets of roller casting nozzles, etc., with a market share of more than 50% in related industries and a good global brand awareness.

Enterprise basic situation

AdTech Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise which integrates research& development, production and service together for metallurgical materials. Located in Wenxian, China, AdTech covers an area more than 700 ares, with existing standardization workshop and warehouse together more than 20,000 square meters. Our office building is as large as 1,988 square meters and registered capital is CNY 12, 000,000. AdTech serves customers from Middle East (Bahrain Aluminum, Dubai Aluminum, Midal Cables), Southeast Asia (Qili, GVA, Jindal, Chalco, China Zhongwang), Europe (Hydro, Rusal) etc. Established long-term cooperative relationships, AdTech is a worldwide supplier and solution provider of functional materials for metallurgical and foundry industry.

AdTech is an internationalization enterprise acting as the persistent brand trailblazer, concentrating on R & D and manufacturing online degassing and filtrating equipment, ceramic foam filter, hot-top casting materials, nozzle board, repair coating material and flux.

Established in 2012, China factory of AdTech has been put into production by the end of 2013. With 5 years scientific running, AdTech China factory has acquired the ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO 14001 environmental assessment certification and SGS operation certification. Now AdTech China factory owns 168 employees, including 25 college (and above) staffs, 15 staffs with senior (and above) professional titles. We have successively opened up an integrated system of aluminum refractory materials business in civilian areas, industrial areas, military fields, etc., researched and developed dozens series of product, which fully meets the requirement of customer for various orders. All these efforts enable AdTech developing rapidly and act as the industry leader.

Producing Capacity

AdTech Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd owns an initial annual output of 400,000 ceramic foam filter production capacity, an annual output of 1 million sets of hot-top casting material capacity, an annual output of 40 high-precision degassing filter equipment, an annual output of 1200 sets Roll casting nozzle material capacity, etc. We hold more than 50 percent market share in the related industry market, with superior global brand popularity. Our export capacity is also comparatively strong. At present, AdTech is between two of the best in comprehensive product quality and influence in refractory industry.