Caster Tip

About This Project

AdTech specialized in caster tips business since 2012 and got good reputation in domestic and overseas. The caster tips are mainly used for Micron sized aluminum foil, PS plate casting.


Assembles for our caster tip:

  • Castertip
  • Spacers
  • Ears
  • Flow control box
  • Fixture
  • Transition Runner

Caster Tip Usage:

It is made of nano-grade fiber composite material and used for crystallization and size control of aluminum foil casting. It features fiber uniformly distributed, proper density, good insulation, accurate size, good inoxidizability, layer stout, Non-deformation. Can protect foil surface. To paint BN is recommended.


  1. Made of nano-grade fiber composite material, precision size, proper density & inflexibility.
  2. Nano-paint, layer stout, good erosion resistance.
  3. Can meet molten aluminum mechanics requirements.
  4. Good insulation, control parameters in foil casting.
  5. Low deformation, improve quality of aluminum foil.

CNC Process

The comparison before and after use caster tip:

Dimensions (mm):

Item Length Width Thickness of tip R radius Shape
Value 200-2300 50-600 1.6-10 Constant value Enterocoelia/Level


Item Density
Rupture modulus
Thermal Expansivity
Thermal Conductivity
Max Working
Typical value Roll-PH 0.45-0.57 42-48.8 1.35-1.56*10-6 0.12-0.15 1260



  1. Cut and assemble according to drawing, make sure the board is intact.
  2. Heat the caster tip 2 hours to target temperature, keep the Roll-PH at 260℃ for 5 hours to remove crystal water,cool down to ordinary temperature and ensure proper assembling with 2 hours.

Assembly Process


Foil Molding Process


5 sets/wooden case


Stored in ventilated and dry environment, moisture proof, do not lay anything on.
Warranty: 7 or more days (For casting molten aluminum 1,000MT)

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