Float & Funnel

About This Project

Float & FunnelFloat & FunnelAdTech specialized in production of Ceramic Tubes, Float & Funnel, Cones, Graphite Cones, Slags Rings, Casting Ladle since 2012 and got good reputation in domestic and overseas.

The Tube, Float and Funnel are made of high silicon melting materials which features corrosion resistance, no pollution to molten aluminum. Can meet Micron sized aluminum foil, PS plate casting. Can meet high value-added precision casting.


Combined use of tubes and floats

  • Tubes
  • Floats


Tubes and floats are made of SiO2 material and used for aluminum flow control in aluminum alloy poles and ingot casting. Featured high strength, erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, long service life and so on. To use them with BN is recommended.


  1. High strength, erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, smooth surface.
  2. Long service life with 50-100 times, use with BN is better.
  3. Operating conveniently and energy saving.

Dimensions (mm):

Item Size OEM Size Package OEM Package
Tubes 100-650mm As Drawing 50pcs/case Pack As Quantity


  1. Assemble as per the drawing, keep it intact, clean and smooth.
  2. Check the sealing between launder and float, to seal by ceramic fiber paper or ceramic fiber blanket is recommended.
  3. Adjust the controller and make sure proper assembling.


50 to 100 casting times (For casting molten aluminum 2,500-5,000MT)

Roll casting Nozzle series
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