Flow Control Bar and Flow Tube

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Flow Control Bar and Flow Tube

AdTech Metallurgical Material Co,.Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in the development of new materials, production of flow control bar and flow tube (also known as ceramic alumina tube) to control the flow velocity of molten aluminum. AdTech has devoted to research and development control flow series products used to control the flow velocity of molten aluminum since 2012, such as: flow control bar, flow tube, float plate, tap out cone, graphite cone, impurity separation ring and other products. These products always use cooperatively to steady the parameter and easily to control the flow of molten metal casting. Our control flow series products have been widely approved by the market.

AdTech’s  flow control bar and flow tube are made of high-silicon melting material which is corrosion resistance, non-polluting to molten aluminum. It can be used for many times to meet the high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum casting requirement.

Flow Control Bar and Flow Tube

Casting-RAL& Casting-RC

Using Cooperatively:

  • Flow control bar
  • Flow tube
  • Tube holder


Stopper Rod


AdTech’s flow control bar and flow tube are used in low pressure casting to adjust flow of molten aluminum. The flow tube is also known as stopper, and flow tube also known as ceramic alumina tube. They always use cooperatively and use for aluminum ingot casting. they are made of SiO2 material being fired. This kind of material has high strength, high erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, long service life, etc. It has excellent non-stick effect to use together with the BN .

Alumina Stopper


  1. High strength, high erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, smooth surface;
  2. It’s excellent to use with BN, can be used for 50-100 times casting;
  3. Operating conveniently, energy saving.


Items Dimensions Special Dimensions  Package Special Package
Flow contral bar 100-1200mm As drawing 50pieces/box  As required
Flow tube 100-650mm As drawing 50pieces/box  As required


  1. To assemble and use the flow control bar and the flow tube as drawings. Keep them smooth, clean, undamaged and seamless.
  2. Check the sealing around the tube holder and launder, to seal by ceramic fiber paper or ceramic fiber blanket is recommended.
  3. Adjust controller system which is match with flow control bar and make sure proper assembling.
    Alumina Stopper
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