Oxide Removal Flux

About This Project

AdTech is dedicated to research and development, production and market of oxide removal flux for deslagging furnace’s inner wall and bottom after aluminum and aluminum alloy smelting. The accumulation on the surface of furnace inner wall will decrease the lifespan of refractory, and reduce the volume of furnace, which makes molten aluminum poor flow ability. Oxide removal flux STOVE360 helps to achieve aluminum alloy continuous casting and improves the quality and output , prolongs the furnace service life , reduces manual labor, applies to multi-series aluminum alloy casting in furnace.


Assembles of Oxide Removal Flux Facilities:

  • Oxide Removal Flux
  • Jar

Applications of Oxide Removal Flux:

AdTech’s oxide removal flux is white with slightly gray powdery fine particles. Main ingredients arechloride and villiaumite, together with other compounds. After appropriate heat treatment and screening, it turns to uniform size. Spray it with gas from jar as carrier, sprinkling in the furnace, the furnace wall, the hard slag on the bottom, to meet the cleaning of furnace when casting multi-series alloy.

Oxide removal flux STOVE360 achieves aluminum alloy continuous casting and improves the quality and output , prolongs the furnace service life , reduces manual labo.

Packing Specifications:

Item Internal Packaging Carton Packaging Pallet Packaging Special Packaging Storage & Guarantee
Index 5kg/bag Per carton
Per pallet
As per requirement Stored in ventilated and dry environment, 6 to 12 months



  1. Recommended dosage: 2.5-3.0kg per ton aluminum
  2. After aluminum smelting is completed, then increase the furnace temperature to 850-9 50 ℃, spray the oxide removal flux to the bottom of the furnace and furnace wall with slag, close the furnace gate, stand for 5-10 minutes. The flux react physical changes under high temperature and instantly release large amounts of heat energy, so that the slag temperature increased rapidly, the chloride rapid melt and react with slag, thereby reducing the melting point and viscosity, to achieve the purpose for cleaning furnace.
  3. Open the furnace gate,the slag has achieved the separation of aluminum and slag; slag has become quite incompact, gently stir the slag mixture for about 3-5 minutes then get rid of it.
  4. Should be based on the furnace slag and volume, to clean up once every work shift is recommended, too long interval time between 2 clean up times is prohibited.



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