Alu Aluminium Cff

Alu Aluminium Cff

Alu Aluminium Cff

Alu Aluminium Cff can reduce the gas and inclusions in the casting, reduce the turbulence of the molten metal, reduce the surface defects of the casting, and significantly reduce the rejection rate of the casting.

Improve the compression and sealing of castings, increase the elongation and tensile strength of the castings, improve the surface finish of the castings, improve the fluidity of the molten metal, and increase the filling capacity and feeding capacity of the melt.

Thermal shock resistance of Alu Aluminium Cff
1. Thermal shock resistance refers to the resistance of the foam ceramic filter plate to the damage caused by rapid temperature changes.

2. When using the ceramic foam filter plate, we require the user to preheat the filter plate to the temperature of filtering the aluminum melt before use.

3. After the filter plate is placed, the melt is filtered without preheating, and the filter plate is required to have a certain degree of heat resistance and impact resistance.

4. The better the heat resistance and impact resistance, the more durable the filter plate and the better the quality.

How to choose Alu Aluminium Cff
1. According to the flow rate per unit time and the total liquid volume per unit time, select the specifications of the alumina porous filter.

2. According to the cleaning requirements of the final aluminum solution, the alumina porous filter is used. The higher the cleanliness of the aluminum solution, the smaller the pore size, which puts forward new requirements for the structure and material of the foam ceramic filter.

Alu Aluminium Cff

Dubai Aluminum Company said that Aluminium Cff is very important to the quality of aluminum alloy.
The same is true for aluminum alloy materials. A little inclusion, a bubble or a crack may cause the material to fail, which will lead to a vicious accident and cause significant loss of life and property. Therefore, the purification of the material is very important, and the aluminum melt during the remelting process The purification is more important.

Dubai Aluminum Company says that the content of inclusions in the melt directly affects the viscosity of the melt, and the content of inclusions is related to the following factors.
1.The specific surface size of the charge, the internal purity of the charge, the storage conditions and storage time of the charge.
2.Smelting conditions, such as the water pressure in the furnace gas during the smelting of the flame furnace is higher than that of the resistance furnace, the smelting burning is serious, and the inclusions in the melt increase.
3. The baking quality of the aluminum melting furnace has an important impact on the content of inclusions in the melt. For example, the magnesia at the bottom of the aluminum melting furnace is not completely baked, Mgco, and Mg(OH), which are incompletely decomposed, can be During the use of the aluminum furnace, it continues to decompose and escapes from the brick gap into the aluminum melt.
4. The melting temperature and time, and the smoothness of the melting operation can affect the content of A1O in the melt.
5. Unstable melt transfer mode can also increase the inclusion content of melt after transfer.

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