Alu Tap Out Cone

Alu Tap Out Cone

Alu Tap Out Cone

Alu Tap Out Cone is called refractory cone, ceramic fiber refractory cone, Adtech refractory cone, used in aluminum casting industry.

Aluminum Malaysia is recommending China-made Tap Out Cone to Malaysian aluminum company
Alu Tap Out Cone has the following characteristics
Ceramic fiber refractory furnace cone is used to block molten aluminum
Soft vacuum formed ceramic fiber parts
Used to cover and block aluminum melting furnaces

Alu Tap Out Cone is made of silicon-aluminum fiber, not the previous manual work, but a vacuum filtration forming process.

product features
Good insulation properties
High supply efficiency
High strength/weight ratio
Good heat and vibration resistance
Low thermal conductivity
Low thermal mass
Not wet
Low smoke
Maintain strength throughout the application
Textured outer surface minimizes tearing during insertion
No burning, no smoking, no decomposition
Customized density hardness size can be provided according to needs

Alu Tap Out Cone

The feeder at Aluminum Malaysia plant feeds the furnace like this
1. The situation of the empty furnace section of the shaft furnace should be observed at any time in order to feed materials in time, because too long an empty furnace section of the shaft furnace will not only increase the exhaust gas temperature, but also significantly increase the energy consumption, increase the temperature of the charging port, and deteriorate the operating environment.
In addition, the shaft furnace will be overheated and the burning of the furnace lining and the subsequent charging impact will increase, which will accelerate the damage of the shaft furnace lining.

2. The order of feeding can not be changed at will. If the waste is not added to the bottom, and the aluminum ingot is added first, the shaft bottom will be destroyed quickly. If the last addition is not most of the waste but the aluminum ingot, the final melting time will be extended.
As a result, the shaft furnace empty time is prolonged, which affects the shaft furnace life, increases energy consumption, and increases burning loss significantly.
Refractory master alloy ingots can be directly added from the shaft furnace after the bottom material, such as silicon, manganese, copper, etc., so that the alloy ingots will be pressed under the aluminum ingots to slowly melt and dissolve, reducing its burning loss, and easy melting. The alloy is directly added to the aluminum water from the furnace door.

3. The temperature of the furnace, the temperature of the molten aluminum in the molten pool, the melting speed, the pressure of the furnace, the flame atmosphere and the material in the shaft should be paid at all times.
Adjust the flame size, flame atmosphere and burner start and stop in time to prevent equipment damage and waste generation. See the next section.

4. During the normal feeding process, if the charge in the shaft furnace does not fall for a long time, and the flame rushes out of the charging port, it is likely that the material is stuck in the shaft furnace, and an iron rod should be used immediately from the furnace top.
Or close the heat preservation burner and heat it with a small fire with a melting burner to prevent the aluminum water from overheating until the jammed material falls. At this time, be careful that the aluminum liquid at the furnace door splashes and hurts people.

Aluminum Malaysia stated that the quality-assured Tap Out Cone can greatly improve the safety of operations.

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