Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum

Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum

Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum

Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum is composed of many uniform and countless micropores, which are used to filter and purify molten aluminum during the casting process.
When the aluminum liquid passes through these micropores, suspended solids, colloidal particles and macromolecular organic matter are trapped on the surface of the filter medium, and the fluid passes through the micropore channels to produce various physical effects to achieve the effect of mechanical filtration. Purification, diffusion and fluidization. .

In recent years, due to the rapid development of aluminum alloy castings in the automotive, machinery, aerospace and other industries.
There are more and more applications of large and complex castings and pressure-processed products, and the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher. In addition, chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy are strictly controlled.
Surface and internal quality defects such as shrinkage holes, pores, leakage, looseness, slag inclusion, and coarse crystal grains are not allowed.
The quality of aluminum alloy castings directly depends on the quality of the melt, and the main factor affecting the quality of processed products is that the quality of the casting billet is also directly affected by the quality of the melt.
Therefore, aluminum alloy melt processing is very important.
European aluminum smelters and smelters are inquiring about the price of Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum through

Molten Aluminum Filter Jupiter Aluminum
They should pay attention to the following issues for the Porous Ceramic Filter
1. The production grade of aluminum alloy.
2. The properties of cast aluminum.
3. The required filtering accuracy.

As Western buyers far away from Asian storage centers compete to purchase aluminum for beverage cans, airplanes and buildings, aluminum prices are reaching their highest level in 10 years.

The price of aluminum on the London Metal Exchange (lme) has climbed by a third this year to around US$2,650 per ton, which is about 80% higher than the May 2020 low when the epidemic hit sales in the aviation and transportation industries.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, manufacturers were already facing the dilemma of oversupply in the market, and rising prices are helping them. Pittsburgh-based Alcoa’s share price has risen by more than 90% in 2021, surpassing the 20% increase in the S&P 500 index, and Norwegian Hydro has risen by more than 50%.

There is enough aluminum to supply the world, but the problem is that most of the aluminum is in Asia, and it has been difficult for buyers in the United States and Europe to buy it. Ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach are filled with a large number of orders, these orders come from various companies, they are busy replenishing inventory, preparing for the Christmas shopping frenzy. The supply of containers used to transport industrial metals is insufficient, and traders are passing on soaring freight costs to customers.

Russia is one of the world’s largest aluminum exporters, and this month began to impose taxes on aluminum exports. This has further pushed up premium income in the United States and Europe.

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Mientras los compradores occidentales lejos de los centros de almacenamiento asiáticos compiten por comprar aluminio para latas de bebidas, aviones y edificios, los precios del aluminio están alcanzando su nivel más alto en 10 años.

El precio del aluminio en la Bolsa de Metales de Londres (lme) ha subido un tercio este año a alrededor de US $ 2.650 por tonelada, que es aproximadamente un 80% más alto que el mínimo de mayo de 2020 cuando la epidemia afectó las ventas en las industrias de la aviación y el transporte.

Antes del estallido de la epidemia, los fabricantes ya se enfrentaban al dilema del exceso de oferta en el mercado y el aumento de los precios los está ayudando. El precio de las acciones de Alcoa, con sede en Pittsburgh, ha aumentado en más del 90% en 2021, superando el aumento del 20% en el índice S&P 500, y Norwegian Hydro ha aumentado en más del 50%.

Hay suficiente aluminio para abastecer al mundo, pero el problema es que la mayor parte del aluminio está en Asia y ha sido difícil para los compradores de Estados Unidos y Europa comprarlo. Puertos como Los Ángeles y Long Beach están llenos de una gran cantidad de pedidos, estos pedidos provienen de varias compañías, están ocupados reponiendo el inventario, preparándose para el frenesí de las compras navideñas. El suministro de contenedores utilizados para transportar metales industriales es insuficiente y los comerciantes están repercutiendo los crecientes costos de flete a los clientes.

Rusia es uno de los mayores exportadores de aluminio del mundo y este mes comenzó a imponer impuestos a las exportaciones de aluminio. Esto ha impulsado aún más los ingresos por primas en Estados Unidos y Europa.

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