Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium uses high-quality, high-purity materials, a unique formula and advanced environmental protection technology. The three-dimensional network structure is uniform, high strength, stable texture, no slag, high temperature resistance, and strong thermal shock resistance.

Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium

Excellent performance, suitable for cleaning and filtering high-temperature aluminum and aluminum alloy solutions. It can filter non-metallic slag and slag as small as micrometers, making the surface of castings smoother, reducing processing losses, and filtering can make the aluminum liquid and cavity more uniform when pouring Molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulence, which is finally transformed into a very stable laminar flow through the turbulence of the three-dimensional pore structure, which can better fill the cavity, thereby reducing the metal solution pair. The impact corrosion of the casting cavity significantly reduces the rejection rate, reduces production costs, and improves labor productivity.

Foam Ceramic Filter Straumsvik Aluminium is relatively simple and has strong performance.
On the one hand, the products made from it have higher compressive strength and higher volume stability under high temperature conditions.
It is dense and resistant to erosion and penetration.
High fire resistance
Good thermal shock resistance.
It has good resistance to quenching and high temperature environment, and can also resist chemical corrosion of chemical slag or solution.

Aluminum alloy is easy to breathe and oxidize during the casting process. Therefore, there are gases and various non-metallic inclusions in the melt to varying degrees, causing defects such as loose ingots, pores, and inclusions.
Significantly reduce the mechanical properties, processing properties, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and anodic oxidation properties of aluminum, and even lead to product waste.

In addition, due to the influence of raw and auxiliary materials, the solution may contain some other metals that are harmful to the solution.
For example, alkali metals and alkaline earth metals such as sodium and calcium, and some alkali metals, have an adverse effect on the properties of most aluminum alloys. For example, sodium not only causes the “sodium brittleness” of sodium-containing aluminum-magnesium alloys, but also reduces the fluidity of the solution. It affects the casting properties of the alloy.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter Size
20-inch 40PPi Ceramic Filter Suppliers, size 508mmx508mmx50mm.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Slag
Remove AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, there is a very small amount of white powder in the cardboard.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Sealed edge detection
The asbestos sealing edge around the AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter is of good quality and meets the requirements for use.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Light transmittance detection
Pick up AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, compare it with the flashlight, and observe the uniformity of light transmission from the other side of the filter. No light transmission dead zone is found, and the light transmittance is checked to meet the requirements for use.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Purge
Purge the slag on the surface of AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter with compressed air.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Installation
Gently put AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter into the filter box, and press the sealing gasket around AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter by hand. The surrounding is compacted without gaps and sealed with refractory mud.

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