Deep bed filter, deep bed filtration

Deep bed filter, deep bed filtration

Deep bed filter


The deep bed filter system(PDBF), the ceramic foam filter filtration(CFF filter), and the cartridge filtration are the main three kinds of aluminum filtration methods. The deep bed filter is made up of multiple layers of alumina balls and a layer of alumina gravel of appropriate size stacked uniquely, and the thickness of the filter medium reaches 500 mm. The size and stacking method of alumina balls and gravel should be adjusted according to different alloys. Inclusions are mainly adsorbed on the surface of the medium in four ways: direct interception, Brownian motion, inertial force, and gravitational precipitation.


It is a precisely sealed thermal insulation box and forces the aluminum industry to reserve a layer of filter medium with a thickness of about 500mm, usually activated alumina balls. The bottom of the channel is covered with a cover to close and seal the box. The cover also serves to heat the whole unit and preheat the filter bed. The passage consists of two chambers, which have the following characteristics:

There is a filter plate supported by a grid in the treatment chamber, which is on the inlet side.


Aluminum liquid flow of the deep bed filtration


Deep bed filtration has those four advantages and one disadvantage.


1. The best filtering effect for removing impurities.

2. Only it can be used for filtering alloy aluminum liquid.

3. Low running cost on filtration process.

4. Biggest filtering flow.



1. The highest purchase cost.


Alloy aluminum filtering range Series 1-8
Aluminum liquid temperature 700-760
Device model Filtering capacity(T/h
ADBF 10 10
ADBF 25 25
ADBF 35 35
ADBF 45 45
ADBF 60 60
Customized Customized


Applying for filtering 1-8 series alloy aluminum

It is the most efficient aluminum filtration system, which is widely applied in the high-precision aluminum casting industry, such as aerospace aluminum alloy materials supply.

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