Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder

Using high-quality ceramic fiber cotton as raw material,Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder is made by forming process, the purpose of developing this product is to produce a special-shaped product with rigidity and self-supporting strength with superior high-temperature performance;

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder is all special-shaped product required for certain production stages of certain industrial sectors. Each type of product needs to be made into special mold according to its shape and size. According to the performance requirements of the products, the used binders are selected. Additives to meet the requirements of use.

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder have a low shrinkage over their temperature range and are highly insulating, lightweight and impact resistant. Unburned materials are easily cut or machined during use. The product is resistant to abrasion and spalling and is not wetted by most molten metals.

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber LaunderShape and supply of Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder
Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder can be available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including tubular, tapered, dome-shaped and square-box shapes.
Most shaped products can be produced according to customer requirements, but some shaped products can also be customers.
Do inventory, such as casting caps and casings for the non-ferrous metals industry, vacuum forming for the petrochemical industry, and other fire holes.

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder General Characteristics
The physical and thermal properties of various high temperature heat resistant shaped products are generally similar to those of corresponding grades of vacuum formed sheets.

Special Treatment of Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder
If desired, a vacuum forming hardener or refractory clay can be applied to the shaped article to provide a protective layer.

Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder Product Advantages
1. Alumina ceramic thermal insulation trough has good thermal insulation performance, reasonable design and long service life.
2. Lining for continuous casting and metal mold casting, lining of gate cup, etc.
3. The alumina ceramic heat preservation runner is integrally formed with noble molten material, and the dimensional accuracy is high.
4, heat treatment furnace lining
5, alumina ceramic insulation flow tank lining strength, erosion resistance, heat shock, smooth surface
6, melting furnace backing
7. Alumina ceramic heat preservation runner lining has strong corrosion resistance to aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys, enhances the use effect of molten metal transfer equipment, and strengthens the service life of special alloys.
8. Gravity casting riser or gate lining
9. The temperature drop of metal liquid in the process of using alumina ceramic heat preservation tank is 2 °C per meter, resistant to erosion, heat shock and smooth surface.
10. the lining of the ladle or soup spoon
11. all occasions need to prevent temperature drop