Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder

Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder

Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder with shell is also called silicate fiber product, mainly used for distribution and transmission of aluminum liquid with high heat preservation requirements, such as active flow trough on casting and rolling, and distribution trough on the same horizontal casting disc.

Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder Dimensions according to customer requirements
The Fixed Aluminum Launder with shell is used for the thermal insulation of the crystallizer outside the aluminum processing furnace, and is also used for the thermal insulation of the metallurgy, machinery, electric power, ceramics, glass and construction industries.
The plugging is applied to the aluminum melting furnace, the static furnace, etc. The aluminum nozzle is blocked.

Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder is mainly made of high-grade aluminum silicate fiber and other formulations by vacuum forming.
It is suitable for aluminum melting furnace, refining furnace, static furnace and water outlet, which makes the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process more convenient, safer and more reliable.
The product has excellent electrical performance and high temperature insulation performance
Aluminum Launder can not burn in the open flame 400-700 degrees, does not carbonize, does not release toxic gas, has good moisture resistance, and is resistant to earthquake and pressure.

Ceramic fiber profiled material series is a kind of white hard new insulation material. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Custom Made Ceramic Fiber Launder is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, Military industry, scientific research and other industries, also used in aluminum and aluminum processing industries as molds or diversion slots, various industrial furnaces and ovens, etc., I can customize products according to user needs.

Molten Aluminum Insulating LaunderMolten Aluminum Insulating Launder Description
The shell-mounted fixed ladle contains aluminum silicate castings for aluminum casting and vertical casting.
The castings produced by Evans have high density and the surface is specially treated with aluminum titanate coating to greatly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum. With insulation performance, prolonging the service life and reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

Advantages of Molten Aluminum Insulating Launder
1. excellent insulation performance
2. high bending and compressive strength
3. excellent thermal shock resistance
4. the surface is smooth and non-stick aluminum
5. good insulation performance

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