Ceramic rope physical and chemical data

Ceramic rope physical and chemical data

ceramic rope

Ceramic fiber rope also called ceramic rope or insulation rope
Product Category:

Ceramic Fiber Round Rope:  Φ5-100mm

Ceramic Fiber Square Rope: 5*5-80*80mm

Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope: divided into yarn twisted rope and wool twisted rope, Φ10-80mm (1-3 strands)

Reinforcement method: metal wire reinforced; glass wire reinforced


Ceramic rope features:

1. Ceramic fiber rope is a new light refractory material in recent years.

2. It has high strength, good toughness, and strong plasticity.

3. Excellent high-temperature heat insulation performance, excellent Excellent electrical insulation performance, excellent corrosion resistance, and corrosion of molten metals such as aluminum and zinc, and excellent electrical insulation performance.

4. Non-toxic, harmless, odorless, new material to replace the asbestos rope.


Insulation rope application fields:

1. Industrial furnace, curtain for industrial furnace, sealing of furnace door

2. High-temperature cable, pipeline dressing

3. And fireproof seam products such as thermal insulation covers.


Product physical and chemical data:  index parameters Al2O3 ≥45% SiO2 ≥96% fiber diameter (micron) 2-5 Ignition loss (%) 18 ± 3 continuous use temperature (℃) 650 (glass fiber)-1050 (stainless steel wire) thermal shrinkage (%) <4%(9 hours at 1150℃) thermal conductivity(w/mk) <0.20 (800℃) Slag ball content (%) None % of the organic fibers, when the temperature is raised for the first time, the organic fibers in the product will gradually carbonize and turn black, and there will be smoke. It does not affect the use of. As the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually turn white again, the organic fibers have been completely carbonized, and the products are completely made of high-temperature resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fibers.

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