High Temperature Rope, Ceramic Fiber Rope, Rope Insulation

High Temperature Rope, Ceramic Fiber Rope, Rope Insulation

High-Temperature Rope, Ceramic Fiber Rope, Rope Insulation

High Temperature Rope is woven from high-quality ceramic fibers

High-Temperature Rope is suitable for high-temperature, pressure machines, pump, and valve sealing equipment: metal processing, boiler doors, high-temperature furnace doors, temperature, pressure machines, pumps, and valve industry: can be widely used in the chemical, electric power, paper, Media for food, pharmaceutical and other industries: clean fluids or slurries, brine, emulsions, greases, hydrocarbons, solvents, pulp.

High Temperature Rope is woven from high-quality ceramic fiber plus glass or stainless steel wire.
Ceramic fiber rope is widely used in dynamic sealing and static sealing of various high-temperature equipment.
Thermal insulation, insulation, and sealing of heat transfer systems.
Insulation, sealing, etc. in various environments with high temperatures and chemical erosion.

High-Temperature Rope Product Category

Ceramic fiber twisted rope
Ceramic fiber circular knitting rope
Ceramic fiber square rope
Ceramic fiber round rope / square rope
Ceramic fiber slack

High-Temperature Rope Product Features

1. High-temperature resistance, continuous use temperature up to 1000 ° C, short-term use temperature up to 1260 ° C.
2. It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and resistance to molten metal corrosion such as aluminum and zinc.
3. Good high-temperature strength and thermal insulation performance (please refer to physical and chemical indicators).
4. The series of products using alkali-free glass fiber filaments as reinforcing materials have higher electrical insulation and high-temperature electrical insulation than glass fibers.
5. Non-toxic, harmless, odorless. Typical application of ceramic fiber rope: It is an ideal substitute for asbestos rope for heat preservation and heat insulation materials.
Commonly used in door seals of various furnaces, burners, heat exchangers, and flue.

High-Temperature Rope Notes

High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Rope has about 15% organic fiber. When the temperature is used for the first time, the organic fiber in the product will gradually become black and black with the increase in temperature, and there will be smoke. Local parts may have flames. Produced, this is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.
As the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually turn white, the organic fiber is completely carbonized, and the product is completely resistant to high-temperature inorganic materials such as ceramic fibers.

ADTECH keeps focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.

ADTECH  is one pioneer followed by the International Enterprise, which keeps focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical material.
1. Ceramic Foam Filter
2. Degassing Unit
3. Filter Box
4. Hot-top casting series
5. Roll casting nozzle
6. Flux series
7. Other Metallurgical Material

Insulation rope application:

Application:  Ceramic fiber textile rope knitted by ceramic fiber, and has the advantages of strong hardness and wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, and non-infiltration molten aluminum. Refractory temperature is up to 1100-1150℃. It is widely used for sealing furnace doors, dams, nozzles, and molten aluminum pots. Specification: φ5-100mm, or customized as per customer’s requirements

Tape Thickness: 1.5,2.0 ,3.0 Width: 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150
Cloth Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 5.0 Width:1000-1500
Coated cloth Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 Width:1000-1500
Packing Wooden/ Carton
Twisted rope Diameter:  3-50
Twisted tube Inner diameter:  12-100



Ceramic fiber(reinforcement by chrome steel wire) Ceramic fiber(reinforcement by glass filament) Glass fiber(texturized E-glass fiber)
Density (kg/m3) 550-1400


Working temperature (°C) <1050 <650


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