Southeast Asian aluminum alloy sheet

Southeast Asian aluminum alloy sheet

Southeast Asian aluminum alloy sheet

On the 17th, Washington time, the US Department of Commerce initially determined that there is subsidy for alloy aluminum products imported from China. The subsidy calculated by the US Department of Commerce is 31.20% to 113.30% of the value of imported ordinary alloy aluminum sheets.

The US Department of Commerce issued a notice on November 28 last year, saying that it initiated a “double-reverse” investigation on the universal aluminum alloy plate imported from China. This is the first time in 25 years that the US Department of Commerce has not applied for a domestic industry, but has independently initiated a trade remedy investigation. On January 12, 2018, Washington, United States, the US International Trade Commission made a preliminary damage to the double-counter case against the aluminum-plate products. Members agreed that the import of aluminum sheets from China has caused substantial damage to the US domestic industry.

Aluminum Degassing Process

According to customs data, in 2017, China’s aluminum plate, film and belt exports totaled 2.075 million tons, with a total amount of 5.212 billion US dollars, of which exports to the United States totaled 502,200 tons, with a total amount of 1.298 billion US dollars. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the proportion of aluminum sheets, sheets and belts exported to the United States has increased year by year, and the proportion in 2017 has reached 24.20%.

In view of the preliminary results on the 17th, the US Department of Commerce will notify the US Customs to impose a corresponding deposit on the general-purpose aluminum alloy plates imported from China. According to my non-ferrous network research, the amount of this deposit is about 70% of the total transaction value of the products involved. After the final ruling result is determined, the policy of adopting more refunds and less subsidies according to the tax rate will be adopted. Due to the high proportion of the margin, the cost of purchasing from local companies in the United States will be greatly increased, which will inevitably reduce their willingness to purchase. Since the US Department of Commerce launched the “double-reverse” investigation in November last year, the aluminum plate and foil export enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces exported to the United States with a thickness of less than 6.3mm, and some manufacturers even gave up the US market share, leading to its production. Sales have fallen sharply. However, according to my non-ferrous network, the aluminum plates currently exported to the United States are mainly 1/3/5 of low value-added products. A large number of enterprises damaged by “double-reverse” and “tariff” policies have begun to consider product structure transformation and switch to production. 6/7 is a high value-added product. At the same time, the sales area will be transformed from export to the United States to Southeast Asia and Europe to stabilize its production and sales volume.

In summary, the decline in exports of aluminum sheets to the US in 2018 is a high probability event. Mymetal believes that exports of aluminum sheets to the US will fall by 10-15 million tons to 350,000-400,000 tons in 2018, while 2018 China aluminum sheets The total volume of exports will be stable at 200-2.2 million tons.

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