Refining Flux Feeder in Aluminum Melting

Refining Flux Feeder in Aluminum Melting

Refining Flux Feeder in Aluminum Melting

Flux feeder in aluminum melting
for molten aluminium

Refining Flux feeder application
Suitable for the wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy degassing and refining, can effectively remove oxide inclusion and hydrogen from the molten aluminum.

What is flux feeder and its function?
Refining Flux feeder in aluminum melting can be used for wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy refining through the auxiliary materials will be fed into molten aluminum evenly by frequency conversion and refining gas, which can remove the oxide inclusions and hydrogen effectively from the melting. Stainless steel container can be loaded with 20kgs refining agent. Evenly exhausting can improve aluminum log quality and working efficiency.

Refining Flux feeder technical data
Main machine
Control system (Nitrogen transfer and control, electronic control and Alarm system)

Refining Flux Feeder

Environmental requirement
Flat and smooth ground and enough space
Not too much air humidity
Overall dimension: L700mm W400mm H900mm
Speed regulating: frequency converter
Main tank: 304 stainless steel tank
Capacity: 20kgs

Refining Flux feeder using method
Add the refining agent to the refining machine on the basis 1.5-2.5kgs refining agent per ton molten aluminium, cover the top cap. When the molten aluminum temperature is 700-740℃, turn on the refining machine, import nitrogen (the nitrogen pressure should be 1.2-1.8kg/cm2). When the refining tube start to spray refining agent, then the tube can be inserted into molten pool and move slowly and evenly. High purity nitrogen will blow the powder refining agent into the molten aluminum. Under the combined effect of diffused small air bubble and refining agent, the oxide inclusion and hydrogen will be removed. The refining time is about 15-25 minutes. When the refining agent in the tank is done, draw out the refining tube and close the nitrogen.
Refining Flux feeder is widely use in aluminum melting, can be used for different production capacity melting furnace.
Refining Flux feeder in aluminum melting

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