Silicon carbide heater protection tube assembly for 25 tons of degassing equipment

Silicon carbide heater protection tube assembly for 25 tons of degassing equipment

1. Brief Description:

Our company’s standard configuration of the 25-ton degassing equipment heater protection tube is made of silicon nitride, and the structure is made of silicon nitride.
It consists of heater protection tube, heater protection tube fixing seat, etc., among which heater protection tube and heater protection tube
The tube holder is integrated; now with the expansion of sales demand, the heater protection tube is made of silicon carbide
quality, its component structure needs to be further optimized and innovated to meet market demand.

2. Structural optimization method:

2.1. The original silicon nitride heater protection tube adopts an integrated structure of the protection tube and the fixed base, which is simple in structure and easy to install.
Installation, as shown below:

2.2 There are two options for heater protection tubes made of silicon carbide.

One is that the heater protection tube and fixed base are integrated.
This type of structure is easy to install, but it requires customization by the manufacturer and the cost is higher. Another option is to use existing silicon carbide heating
The heater protection tube was changed and its related structure was changed to realize the application of the silicon carbide heater protection tube on the 25-ton degassing system.

3. Transformation method:

3.1. Add a fixed base for the heater protection tube, which matches the heater protection tube:

3.2. Add protective pipe fixed seat and lifting flange seat:

3.3. Adjust the position of the installation hole of the heater component on the box cover so that the assembled heater component does not interfere with the rotor flange.

3. Field application:

This optimized and innovative structure has been applied to the order degassing equipment of the Tongchuan Aluminum Industry, meeting market demand.

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