Molten Aluminium Easyflow Launders

Molten Aluminium Easyflow Launders

Molten Aluminium Easyflow Launders are used in the distribution and transmission of molten aluminum with high requirements for heat preservation, such as active launders on casting and rolling, and distribution launders on the same level casting plate.

Main features of Molten Aluminium Easyflow Launders
1. Prefabricated runner module, low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength
2. Appropriate insulation material, low temperature on the outer surface
3. Ceramic Launders support frame adopts tray mode, which can bear thermal expansion
4. Operation cabinet/operation box
5. PLC/MCC electrical cabinet and console
6. Tailor-made aluminum row system
7. Special customized adjustable runner system for LPC casting technology

Molten Aluminium Easyflow Launders

Advantages of Launders
1. Good heat preservation performance (temperature drop within 1℃ per meter), low density, good non-stick aluminum performance, flexible casting and rolling operation;
2. It adopts high-silicon melt material to be integrally formed with high dimensional accuracy;
3. It can be used repeatedly or multiple times, and the surface is smooth.

The high temperature resistant movable runner is an excellent high temperature resistant guide groove lining for the conveying of aluminum and aluminum alloy melt guide grooves. It directly contacts the melt. It has excellent heat preservation performance, thermal shock resistance, compressive strength, and The aluminum melt is scoured for a long time, does not chip, and is not easy to peel off, which minimizes the secondary pollution problem of the aluminum melt in the conveying link of the guide groove and has a long service life.

Color: off-white. Ingredients: ceramic fiber and inorganic ceramic materials. Dimensions: according to customer requirements. Standard size tolerance: length ± 2 mm width ± 1 mm. Other properties: density according to customer requirements. Density can be light or heavy Thermal conductivity: When 720℃<0.12W/mk Maximum operating temperature: 1250℃ Continuous operating temperature: 800℃

The company produces standpipes, floats, ears, gaskets, shunt plates, ducts, runners, and sprue cups for low-pressure casting, which have the advantages of erosion resistance, non-stick aluminum, high strength, and good insulation. Products of various specifications can be designed and produced according to user requirements.

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