Molten Aluminium Casting Launder

Molten Aluminium Casting Launder

Molten Aluminium Casting Launder

Molten Aluminium Casting Launder is composed of a solid low-carbon steel shell lined with refractory material. In addition to low thermal conductivity and high thermal fatigue strength, it also has the greatest non-wetting properties.

Before and after firing, we manually inspect all prefabricated refractory tanks to ensure the highest quality. If you need, our trunking material can include stainless steel fiber/needle. We provide a complete in-house casting product line through the casting product line. We also have a lot of experience in handling materials from most other major manufacturers. Each of our castings is tested by our internal quality control laboratory.
Boron nitride coatings can also be used on all our preforms to facilitate metal release. Contact us immediately to understand your prefabricated refractory tank needs!

The interface flanges at both ends of the Molten Aluminium Casting Launder part can realize simple and leak-free bolt connection of the interconnection part.

The profile adopts modular design, straight type, left type 90º, right type 90º and 45º combination can meet specific runner layout according to casting production line configuration and factory layout.

The profile is equipped with an adjustable floor mounting frame for easy installation and adjustment to compensate for height changes and metal levels.

The heated lid can preheat the refractory material in the molten aluminium launder system before casting. This preheating reduces metal temperature loss, shortens the time to reach steady-state conditions at the beginning of casting, and eliminates the potential risk of water retention in the tank.

The cover consists of a rigid steel shell with a pivot hinge along one face for connection to the upper surface of the transfer tank. The handle on the opposite side allows the cover to be lifted away from the metal flow and rest on the stopper beyond the vertical position for stable placement in the open position.

The lid is equipped with a coil-type heating element embedded in a refractory lining to provide the best heat dissipation into the metal and maintain a safe external temperature for contact with gloves. The raised junction box simplifies the replacement of components, in which the components are connected to the field wiring on the wiring board.

Molten Aluminium Casting Launder

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