How to Select Ceramic Foundry Filter

Molten Aluminum Purification

How to Select Ceramic Foundry Filter

Select Ceramic Foundry Filter

Pure aluminum liquid, used for high-precision filtration purification of rail transportation, aerospace products, etc.
The Filter has a sealing lining around it that acts on the filter plate and the filter box.
Preventing aluminum liquid from leaking through the contact surface. Adtech Filter uses three different types of sealing gaskets: fiber paper edge; fiber cotton edge; expanded cotton edge.

Ceramic Foundry Filter

How to Select Ceramic Foundry Filter
1. The amount of impurities is high, and the quality of the cast products is general. The Ceramic Foundry Filter with larger mesh holes can be used, and a glass fiber cloth coarse filter is added in front of the filter plate.
At this time, semi-continuous casting is important for coarse filtration with a glass cloth. It can intercept the slag from the opening of the eye and the slag washed out by the launder to prevent clogging of the filter plate.

2. The quality requirements of the cast products are high, and the ceramic mesh is small, that is, the Ceramic Foundry Filter with a large number of meshes.

3. The choice of Ceramic Foundry Filter specification is based on the flow rate and total throughput of the melt.

4. The color is pure and no impurity, indicating that the material is uniform; the hand is not sticky, indicating that the surface is not sprayed with adhesive, and will not cause secondary pollution.

5. The effective specific surface area or porosity calculation of the foam should be carefully evaluated when purchasing the filter.
The mesh surface homogenization state of the filter plate can be observed, and then the cross-sectional mesh homogenization state is observed.
If possible, the porosity can be calculated by the drainage method. The three-dimensional mesh is homogeneous and the porosity is relatively large. It is an excellent Ceramic Foundry Filter.

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