Granular Refiner

Granular Refiner

Granular Refiner

Granular Refiner is made from a variety of salt compounds through a special process. Using a powder sprayer with nitrogen or argon as a carrier, it is evenly sprayed into the aluminum liquid, thereby achieving double purification and refining of the aluminum liquid by gas and flux The agent is widely used in the aluminum processing industry.

Properties: white particles
Applicable alloy: used for melting pure aluminum and various commonly used aluminum alloys
Advantages: no smoke, non-toxic

Product features: good degassing and slag removal effect, less dosage; slag is dry, easy to separate from aluminum liquid, easy to remove loose. When this product is used in conjunction with a duster.

Main advantages: It has the advantages of combining gas refining and flux refining, and the degassing effect is better.
The addition is small, the operation is simple and convenient, and the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.
The utilization rate of flux is high, which effectively achieves the degassing and slag removal of the aluminum liquid.

Granular Refiner

How to use Granular Refiner
1. Within the refining temperature range, put a certain amount of flux into the storage tank of the injection device, and use this special device to send air and electricity.
2. Pass nitrogen (pressure is 1.2~1.8kg/cm2) and then open the switch under the refining tank. The gas used is 99.99% high purity nitrogen. The pressure of nitrogen during refining is better under the condition that it can blow out the powder. The amount of refining agent It is about 0.15~0.20%.
3. When the iron pipe has the refining agent sprayed out, the spray gun is inserted into the aluminum liquid and the spray gun is translated, so that the flux is evenly sent to various parts, until the quantitative flux is delivered, about 10 minutes.
4. The insertion depth should be suitable for the end of the iron pipe at 3/4 of the depth of the aluminum liquid. Move the iron pipe 2 to 3 times back and forth, left and right, and do not touch the furnace wall to prevent pipe blocking.
5. The refining temperature is controlled at about 730-750 degrees Celsius, and the slag can be scraped after standing for 20 minutes after refining. Try to avoid stirring the aluminum liquid when scraping the slag, so as not to entrap the slag into the aluminum liquid, and then use the covering agent to melt the surface to prevent melting The body re-oxidizes and absorbs.

Aluminium Refining Agent

Aluminum alloy injection flux injection method is a new process used by aluminum processing plants in China
It adopts an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) as a carrier to uniformly bring the Refine Flux into the melt to achieve the treatment of the melt. It has the advantages of gas refining and flux refining, and achieves full contact reaction between the aluminum liquid and the flux. The produced slag is not sticky to the furnace wall, and is dry powdery slag, which reduces aluminum entrapment in the slag and is easy to remove. This product is simple and convenient to operate, reduces workers’ labor intensity, high flux utilization, and improves the operating environment. It is formed during the process; The small droplets of gas can be quickly precipitated, sodium is evaporated and burned, and the oxidized slag collects in the liquid surface.

Precautions for using Granular Refiner
1. Control the speed of powder feeding by turning on the size of the switch at the bottom of the refining tank, and try to have the flux spray out during the refining time.
2. Control the churn height of the aluminum liquid by controlling the nitrogen pressure. Under the premise of not blocking the tube, the churn degree is better, preferably below 15cm.

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