Flow trough gate

Flow trough gate

Many years have passed since the development of the aluminum industry. Under these years of development, there have been many mature products and equipment. Mature equipment means higher efficiency and more convenient operation.
However, having a large number of products and equipment does not mean that the aluminum industry has developed to the top. On the contrary, there are still many products and equipment that need to be improved, and more complete equipment is still needed to add vitality to the aluminum industry.
AdTech optimizes and improves the company’s products based on high standards, enabling the company to gradually obtain many excellent mature products.

The runner gate has always been one of the many products used in the aluminum industry. In order to make the runner gate more convenient to use, the company has carried out a series of optimizations so that the performance of the runner gate has been greatly improved. It is also more convenient to use.
The optimized runner gate has the advantages of erosion resistance, impact resistance, heat shock resistance, smooth surface, and no pollution to molten aluminum. The material is selected from the company’s independent research and development of excellent materials, and the service life has also been greatly improved.


The flow trough gate is equipped with a corresponding lifting device, which has been used for a long time by the company and has excellent performance. It has the advantages of high flexibility in operation, safe and reliable use, and can be installed with a metal pressing device.

In addition, the improved runner gate is more convenient to install on site, greatly reducing material resources and manpower, and truly saving energy and reducing consumption.
On the other hand, considering the different requirements of customers for the convenience of on-site use, lifting devices can also be selected according to customer requirements, including manual lifting devices and automatic lifting devices (pneumatic, electric).

Customers are also very satisfied with the company’s products and have won unanimous praise.
This product has now become one of the company’s more mature products, and it has gradually gained the trust of customers in the process of use. Customer satisfaction with this product has gradually improved, making AdTech gradually become a high-quality company that produces high-quality products.

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