Feed Tip Cavity

Feed Tip Cavity

Feed Tip Cavity

Feed Tip Cavity is a key component that directly feeds the aluminum melt into the high-throughput continuous casting and rolling mill, and its material and structure are very important.

Aluminum Twin-Belt Casting process flow
The aluminum alloy is smelted into a melt according to the proportion of the content, and then the aluminum alloy melt is transported into the casting nozzle of the device, and a solidified shell of suitable thickness is formed on the surface of the slab.
Turn on the water spray cooling device, electromagnetic field generator and/or pulse power supply, and start casting and rolling.
When the slab reaches a certain length, the casting and rolling are stopped and the product is obtained.
The device and method can avoid the occurrence of pre-solidification in the cast-rolling zone, improve slab segregation, and can refine the structure while avoiding melt pollution.

The casting speed, the width of the casting plate and the surface roughness of the nozzle cavity have significant effects on the flow of melt in the nozzle cavity.
With the continuous increase of casting speed, the turbulent state of melt flow in the cavity is also more complicated.
As the casting width continues to increase, the speed gap between the edge of the nozzle exit and the middle exit increases.
With the continuous increase of the surface roughness of the nozzle cavity, the smooth flow in the near-wall area is broken and replaced by complex turbulence, which exacerbates the slagging phenomenon.

Feed Tip Cavity structure is fixed and cannot be adjusted according to the production situation. When producing aluminum alloys with high magnesium content, the casting nozzle is prone to clogging, and the nozzle can only be replaced to continue production. This process not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also greatly reduces Productivity.

The mechanical adjustment device of the nozzle position of the horizontal twin-roll casting mill mainly includes
Guide limit block
Operation side frame guide limit boss
Front box, casting nozzle
Drive side frame guide limit boss
Trolley for adjusting the nozzle position
Front box top bolt
As the core equipment, the nozzle adjustment trolley is mainly composed of
Fixed slide
Casting nozzle holder
Horizontal feed adjustment screw and hand wheel
Vertical lifting adjustment screw and hand wheel
Two vertical lifting and adjusting wedges with opposite threads
Split sliding bearing seat and high temperature resistant self-lubricating bearing, etc.

Feed Tip Cavity
It can realize the precise feed control of the nozzle position horizontal and vertical two degrees of freedom.
After the structural modular design, the base can be installed to the reserved connection position on the inlet side of the casting mill stand by fastening bolts.

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