Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer

Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer

Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer

Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer, used in aluminum smelting furnace, stop furnace and other aluminum outlet to block furnace.
It is suitable for thermal insulation of aluminum melting furnace, refining furnace, standing furnace and outlet furnace.
Make the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process more convenient, safer and more reliable.

About Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer
Insulation caps in aluminum plants are sometimes called outlet plugs, insulation plugs, insulation plugs, insulation caps, and insulation plugs.
It is made of high-grade silicate fiber and other formulas by vacuum forming. The plug is used in aluminum smelting furnaces, stop furnaces and other aluminum outlets. It is suitable for aluminum melting furnaces, refining furnaces, stationary furnaces and outlet furnaces. Make the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process more convenient, safer and more reliable.

Raw material for insulation cap of aluminum factory
Aluminum silicate

Product Category
Aluminum silicate products

Product variety
Insulation Pipe

Thermal conductivity (normal temperature)

Fibrous, conical

Operating temperature

Application range
Aluminum water plug

Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer Product Description
Using high-quality ceramic fiber cotton as raw material, made by vacuum forming process.
The purpose of developing this product is to make rigid shaped products with excellent high temperature performance and self-supporting strength.

Shape and supply
Vacuum forming shaped products can have a variety of sizes and shapes, including tube, cone, dome and square box.

General characteristics
The physical and thermal characteristics of various shaped products are generally similar to the performance of the corresponding level of vacuum forming board.

Special treatment
If necessary, vacuum forming hardener or refractory clay can be applied to shaped products to provide a protective layer

product manual
It is a directional production of ceramic fiber shaped products to meet the fire resistance and heat insulation of special parts of certain thermal equipment. The product is a non-brittle material with high strength and accurate size, which can directly contact the flame.

The texture is tough and resistant to wind erosion.
Seamless gap lining.
Low heat storage, less heat loss, can directly contact the flame for hot surface.
?Excellent construction and installation performance.
Excellent thermal shock resistance, high compressive strength and long service life.

Ceramic Pouring Cup Manufacturer

Refractory Ceramic Fiber Soft Tip,Refractory Ceramic Fiber Hard Tip,Tap Hole Cone,Tap-Out Cone,Tapout Cone

Physical and chemical indicators:
Color is white
Composition Si0263.3% AL20336% Ti02 0.5% Fe2030.1% Others <0.1%
Density plug sets 0.30-0.35g / cm3
Slag stoppers, casting risers, etc. are made of ceramic fibers by vacuum forming. The precise process and advanced equipment make each product have a flat surface. More importantly, it is suitable for hardness or elasticity, suitable for mechanical Manual operation.

The thermal insulation cap of the aluminum plant is suitable for the casting of various non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The product has good thermal insulation performance, effectively prevents the occurrence of shrinkage and shrinkage tendency of the casting, can improve the quality of the casting, and the slag stopper can effectively isolate the molten steel and molten iron Impurities ensure the quality of the final product.

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