Aluminum Drossing Flux Function and Usage

Refining Flux

Aluminum Drossing Flux Function and Usage

Aluminum Drossing Flux Function and Usage

After refining of aluminum and aluminum alloys, there is a thick layer of scum on the surface of the aluminum liquid. These slags contain more metal aluminum. The function of Aluminum Drossing Flux is to increase the surface tension of the slag and the melt.
In the case of agitation, the aluminum liquid and the slag are effectively separated, and the slag is made into a dry powdery slag, which effectively reduces the aluminum content in the slag and reduces the amount of aluminum liquid which is carried out when the slag is slag.
Aluminum Drossing Flux produces less smoke when used.

In use, the amount of Aluminum Drossing Flux is weighed based on the amount of molten aluminum. Spread the required Drossing Flux evenly on the slag before skimming. After sprinkling, gently blow or agitate the Drossing Flux and the slag to mix well. The ignition temperature is increased for 5-10 minutes (the heating time is determined by the temperature of the aluminum liquid, and if the temperature is low, the heating time can be longer).

During the smelting process, the impurities brought by the furnace and the charge, and the slag formed by the physical or chemical action of the oxidation generated during the melting process, which is brought to the surface of the molten metal, contain more or less alloys. Material,
If it is not treated and cleared out of the furnace, it will inevitably cause loss of material. Therefore, it is necessary to select a kind of solvent with good heat generation and slag performance and quick reflection to carry out furnace treatment, in order to achieve the effect of separation of slag liquid.

Aluminum Drossing FluxRefining Flux

How to use Aluminum Drossing Flux
Check before use. If there is moisture absorption, it should be used after drying at the furnace. When the temperature of the alloy solution reaches 720-750 °C.
Press the product into the metal liquid 2/3 with a pot-shaped bell jar, slowly make a circle and tilt the movement to make the molten metal evenly roll. The action time is about 8-10 minutes, and the residue is slag after 3 minutes of rest. At this time, due to the reaction of Aluminum Drossing Flux, a lot of heat is released, so that the slag is rapidly heated and reddened, and the slag is stirred in time, and the slag is changed.
After the powder is crushed, the slag powder is removed.

Aluminum Drossing Flux can be used as a covering agent, which is sprinkled into the furnace three times.

The melting is added at the beginning of the charging. The second time is added after all the melting. The third time is mainly the separation of the slag metal. It should be melted after the refining.
Slag surface. The specific amount can be adjusted according to the reference amount.
Packing and storage: 20kg per case, sealed in plastic bag, stored in dry place, valid for 12 months.

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