Alu Alumina Filter

Alu Alumina Filter

Alu Alumina Filter

Alu Alumina Filter suggested by Egypt Aluminium can greatly improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt and improve the quality of aluminum alloy products.

The choice of Alu Alumina Filter is determined according to the impurity content in the aluminum melt and the quality of the melt transfer speed of the final cast product.
1. With high impurity content and average casting quality, large mesh foam ceramic filter plates can be used, and glass fiber cloth coarse filters are added in front of the filter plates.
At this time, semi-continuous casting is very important for coarse filtration of glass fiber cloth. It can cut off the slag in the orifice and wash it away through the cleaning tank to prevent the filter plate from clogging.

2. The casting quality is high. Use new porous mesh foam ceramics, such as aluminum foil blanks, high-quality hot-rolled plates, high-quality military aluminum, high-quality industrial profiles, 30 skins 60 skins / size 305x305x50, 381x381x50, 432x432x50, 508x508x50 two-stage filtration technology to achieve ideal cleaning performance and good The filtering effect.

3. The size of the filter plate depends on the flow rate of the melt and the total output. The flow rate is large, the total output is large, the filter plate hole is small, and the size is large.

Egypt Aluminium

Egypt Aluminium said that when choosing an Alu Alumina Filter, you should also see its color, photograph its subject, and burn its content.
1. The color is pure and free of impurities, indicating that the material is uniform.
Do not stick to your hands, which means that there is no glue on the surface and will not cause secondary pollution.

2. Hold the filter plate with one hand, tap the filter plate with the other hand, and continuously drip the ceramsite residue, indicating that the quality of the Casting Filter is poor, which will cause secondary pollution of the aluminum liquid.

3. Use an open flame or electric heating to heat to red, and immediately cool at room temperature without cracks and slagging, indicating that the filter plate is good.

When purchasing a filter, carefully evaluate the effective specific surface area or porosity of the foam.
1. Observe the uniform state of the surface of the filter plate, and then observe the uniform state of the cross-sectional grid.
2. The porosity is calculated by the drainage method.
3. The three-dimensional grid is uniform and the porosity is large.

Alu Alumina Filter

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