Al Alloy Refiner

Al Alloy Refiner

Al Alloy Refiner

Al Alloy Refiner is a white powder or granular flux. It is made by drying a variety of inorganic salts and mixing them in a certain proportion. It is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxide slag in molten aluminum.

Characteristics: Some components in the refined preparation are easy to decompose at high temperature, and the generated gas is easy to react with hydrogen, has a strong adsorption force for slag, and quickly escapes from the melt. Other components have the function of removing slag.

Scope of application: suitable for common grade aluminum alloys (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys), as well as smelting, degassing refining and slag removal of pure aluminum.

Usage: Sprinkle the refined preparation on the surface of the liquid, and then quickly press it into the aluminum liquid. After fully stirring, let it stand and discharge the slag; if spraying, spray the refining agent into the aluminum liquid with inert gas.

Aluminum alloy smelting fine agent dosage
When smelting aluminum alloy scrap, the quality of the scrap is different, and the amount of covering agent and refining agent are also different.

Al Alloy Refiner

There are many kinds of aluminum alloy smelting agents used in aluminum alloy smelting, which can be divided into two types: covering agent (flux to prevent oxidation and inhalation of the melt) and refining agent (gas for degassing and inclusions). Covering agents are different from refined preparations. However, any flux used in the aluminum alloy melting process must meet the following conditions.

1. The melting point should be lower than that of aluminum alloy.
2. The specific gravity should be less than that of aluminum alloy.
3. It can absorb and dissolve the inclusions in the melt, and can remove gas from the melt.
4. It should not be chemically active with metal and furnace lining. If it interacts with metal, it should only produce inert gas that is insoluble in metal, and refining flux should be insoluble in molten metal.
5. Low moisture absorption and low evaporation pressure.
6. It should not contain or produce harmful impurities and gases.
7. It should have proper viscosity and fluidity.
8. Easy to manufacture: cheap.

Principle of Al Alloy Refiner
AdTech refined preparations are white (slightly gray) powdery fine particles. The main components are chloride and fluoride salts and other compounds. After proper heat treatment and sieving, the particle size is uniform.
It is beneficial for the refining tank to evenly enter the lower layer of the aluminum liquid under the action of the carrier gas (N 2 or Ar), form a large number of small bubbles in the aluminum liquid through physical and chemical changes, and fully fill the aluminum liquid contact, and the aluminum liquid [H] The separation of other harmful gases.
At the same time, certain substances contained in the refining agent can strongly absorb and melt the oxides and suspended matter in the melt, and adhere to the bubbles, and bring them to the surface of the aluminum liquid as the bubbles rise, thereby achieving Refined. Such as degassing and deslagging. Purpose of purification.
It is environmentally friendly and economical, and can meet the high added value and high-tech performance of aluminum alloy precision casting for aviation and transportation.

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