Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone

Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone

Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone

Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone, aluminum water plugging head, aluminum water plugging furnace eye blockage, aluminum liquid plugging, aluminum liquid plugging head, aluminum liquid plugging sleeve.

This type of plug has a bright white appearance, no sand, high temperature resistance, no smoke, high hardness, stable function, high quality, high toughness, and long-term placement will not become soft.

Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone
Adtech Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone has been exported to major aluminum factories in more than a dozen countries, including foreign countries for a long time.
Use high-quality wooden box packaging and export request packaging.
Most aluminum smelting furnaces or holding furnaces for aluminum casting are equipped with aluminum outlets, which are sealed with high temperature resistant ceramic fibers.
Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone is also called the insulation plug, insulation plug, insulation plug, insulation cap, insulation plug of the water outlet.

My Adtech products are made of 1,260 ° C ceramic fibers by vacuum forming. The precise process and advanced equipment make each blockage have a flat surface.
What is more important is the appropriate hardness and toughness, which is not fragile and does not fall, and conforms to mechanical or manual plugging and removal operations.

Product clarification
1. The unheated materials are simply cut or machined. During use, the products have good anti-wear and falling functions, and are not wetted by most molten metals.
2. Shape and supply: Vacuum shaped special-shaped products can have various sizes and shapes, including tube, cone, dome and square box.
3. General characteristics: The physical and thermal characteristics of various shaped products are similar to the performance of the corresponding grade vacuum forming board under ordinary conditions.
4. Special disposal: If required, vacuum forming hardener or refractory mud can be applied to the shaped products to provide a maintenance layer.

It is a ceramic fiber shaped product produced to meet the fire resistance and heat insulation of special parts of thermal equipment. This product is a non-brittle material with high strength and accurate scale. It can be manufactured in various forms according to customer needs. The product has good fire resistance. Direct heat contact with flame.

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