Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material
How is the thermal insulation performance of ceramic fiber blankets formed? What is the principle?

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material is made into fibers by continuous melting and continuous throwing without furnace-lined water-cooled wall resistance furnace, and double-sided needle punching is used.
The fiber is long, thick and uniform in diameter, has high tensile strength, strong resistance to airflow erosion, and good thermal stability.
Through the fully automatic blanket heating furnace heat treatment, the ceramic fiber products can be phase-changed in advance to reduce the high-temperature shrinkage of the product during use. At the same time, excellent raw materials and special purification and mixing production processes are used to effectively reduce the product. The content of impurities in the product improves the thermal stability of the product.

The insulation performance of Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material is so stable, so that it has excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, etc., so when consumers use this product to insulate the pipeline, they can rest assured to use it. Construction and use methods, so that its insulation performance can be fully and stably displayed.

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material is made of high-quality cokestone and other natural materials. It is melted at high temperature and made into fibers through physical changes.
This product has excellent characteristics such as whiteness, long fiber, high tensile strength, less dust, and wide width. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material that combines heat preservation, heat insulation, fire resistance and sound insulation.

Ceramic Fiber Gasket MaterialCeramic Fiber Gasket Material

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material Product Features

1. Safe and effective fire resistance: fire resistance> 1580 ℃, pure inorganic fire-resistant fiber, with excellent fire resistance and stable temperature resistance.

2. No smoke generation: pure inorganic fibers, needle-punched and interlaced, without any organic binder. In case of fire, it will never generate smoke and is completely non-combustible.

3. Soft texture: 100% complete fiber content, pure acupuncture interlacing process, to ensure the product’s flexible material, easy to do the construction of the package.

4. Environmentally friendly and harmless: the fiber is long and thick, and the single fiber diameter is greater than 3 micrometers, it will not be sucked into the lungs and will not cause harm to the human body. Low slag ball content, higher fiber content, and more slender fibers make the product soft to the touch, and the human body will not have a stabbing sensation when it is in contact with the skin, and it has little irritation to the skin.

5. High tensile strength: long fiber, double-sided needling, good fiber interlacing toughness, and extremely strong tensile strength.

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