Boron Nitride Ceramic

Boron Nitride Ceramic

Boron Nitride Ceramic

Boron Nitride is an advanced synthetic ceramic material available in powder, solid, liquid and aerosol spray forms. Its unique properties – from high heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity to easy machinability and superior dielectric strength – make boron nitride a truly outstanding material.

In its solid form, boron nitride is often referred to as ‘white graphite’ because it has a microstructure very similar to that of graphite. However, unlike graphite, boron nitride is an excellent electrical insulator and does not require humidity to act as a lubricant. It offers very high thermal conductivity and good thermal shock resistance and can be easily machined to close tolerances in virtually any shape. After machining, it is ready for use without additional heat treating or firing operations.

In inert and reducing atmospheres, Boron Nitride will withstand temperatures over 2,000°C and in oxidizing atmospheres up to 750°C. It is not wet by most molten metals and slags and can therefore be used as a container for most molten metals including aluminium, cryolite, sodium, iron, steel, silicon, boron, tin, germanium and copper.

Boron Nitride is available in a variety of grades – A, AX05, HP, M, M26 and ZSBN – in solid and in powder form. Whilst each grade is very different in terms of temperature operation, all offer a series of unique common properties …

Corrosion resistant
Excellent lubricating properties – low coefficient of friction
Excellent Machinability
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Good chemical inertness
High dielectric breakdown strength
High electrical resistivity
High temperature material
High thermal conductivity
Isotropic (thermal conductance is different in different planes)
Low density
Non-wetting (without oxidization)

Boron Nitride Ceramic
Typical Boron Nitride Applications

Break rings for continuous casting of metals
Continuous casting
Crucibles and containers for high purity molten metals
Deck plates
Heat treatment fixtures
High temperature lubricant
High temperature valves
High temperature & high voltage electrical insulatorsInduction heating coil supports
Laser Nozzles
Molds/mold release agent
Motel metals and glass casting
Nozzles for transfer or atomization
Nuclear Shielding
Radar components and antenna windows
Refractory applications
Vacuum furnace supports which require electrical resistivity
Individual data sheets providing technical and application information for each grade of boron nitride are available from Precision Ceramics. Simply click on ‘Downloadable Data Sheets’ on left-hand menu above.

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